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Writing and Research Intern


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs discover business opportunities and problems worth solving. And as a part of the Writing and Research team in the brand new media you will be able to contribute to it.

Having access to our large historic data on companies and industries development, you’ll help thouthands of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to make smarter choices regarding where to put their efforts in business.
You will learn how to conduct research and deep dive into the industry, topic, idea to produce truly valuable and trustworthy content.
Our interns will learn to conduct interviews, meeting a lot of outstanding people on their way, growing their network and environment not only in numbers but so much more in quality.

You will gain Market research and writing skills. Articles and researches written by you under the supervision of established and renowned authors will put your name online as a domain expert. Anything you write will be published with your name on it and link to your personal social media profile.

During this internship you will get new skills in:
• Interviewing
• Prospecting, lead generation
• Market research
• Business writing and editing
• Online marketing

• Excellent written and spoken English
• Ability to analyze information
• Attention to detail
• Be enthusiastic about any business or technology related topic
• Motivation to expand your network and get large web presence
• Desire to gain working experience in a multinational young company

осн. в https://corepo.org/ 30 сотруд.


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