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Brite Logistic INC

Brite Logistics Inc ,

Responsible, Reliable, Nationwide.

It’s not just a motto; it’s the way we do business.

At Brite Logistics a satisfied customer is our main goal.

We achieve that goal with productive, safe, and courteous drivers, happy and motivated office staff, excellent customer service, and well-maintained equipment. We work as a team to consistently provide the best possible service for our customers.

Going the extra mile is literally what we do. We are proud of our participation in the Smart Way Certification program that makes sure we do our part for the environment.

Brite Logistics, Inc is an asset based logistics company that eliminates the middleman resulting in a better value for our customer. Our success is based on streamlined operation processes that include the newest IT and other technologies including up-to-the-minute satellite tracking of your shipment. We manage a fleet of 150 tractors and trailers that service all 48 states and Canada.

We are excited to expand our business with the addition of a new distribution center opening in the Philadelphia area this summer.

But in the end it’s not about us, it’s about you. It’s about gaining your trust, providing excellent service, unbeatable customer support, safe tracking, and doing it all at a fair price.

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